All tents are made on commission basis. We only carry a 2 person ridge tent as a standard tent. All our tents are made from 100% original canvas (300 grams per square meter) which has been treated to be mold resistant and waterrepellant. Poles, ropes, pegs and other items are supplied seperately, repairs, alterations all happily discussed.

We can also supply you with many other camping items. If it's not on our website we can probably arrange it for you.

About Tents of Old

Tents of Old started out as a tent making project because we needed a tent to join a re-enactmentgroup. We took measurements from an existing 2 person ridge-tent, located some canvas and started sewing. On a domestic machine. After having used the tent a couple of times, enquiries came in about where people could order such a tent. The rest is history. We have been making bespoke tents for over 10 years now and never lost sight of how we started, by re-enactor for re-enactor.

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