Tent of the Prince of Orange

This tent was specially made for the Prince of Orange - Waterloo 2015 project. Granted, the Prince never used a tent 200 years ago, but as a re-enactor one has to make some consessions, and if it comes to royalty one does it with flair.

About Tents of Old

Tents of Old started out as a tent making project because we needed a tent to join a re-enactmentgroup. We took measurements from an existing 2 person ridge-tent, located some canvas and started sewing. On a domestic machine. After having used the tent a couple of times, enquiries came in about where people could order such a tent. The rest is history. We have been making bespoke tents for over 10 years now and never lost sight of how we started, by re-enactor for re-enactor.

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Tents Of Old
Tienhoven 28
4697 GR
Sint Annaland
The Netherlands

To contact us:
Phone: 0031(0)646414455
Phone: 0031(0)166610426

E-mail: s.v.d.ster@kpnplanet.nl
E-mail: info@reenactment.com

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